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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable was founded in April 2001.It is a non-profit multi-ethnic education and civic engagement forum. It stirs dialogue, provides information and promotes public engagement on vital public policy issues. It encourages government officials and business leaders to promote public policy changes on crucial problems such as police-minority relations, employment discrimination, public school improvement criminal justice and penal issues, urban and neighborhood renewal, urban toxic hazards and at risk youth problems.

The Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable is a 501 C 3 Public charity. Your contributions are fully tax deductible.Your support is greatly need and appreciated to enable us to build and expand on our public education and policy change activism.

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Here is a selected list of the public policy initiatives and changes the Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable effected in 2007:

The Beverly Hills Unified School District drastically increased the number of African-American and Latino students admitted to Beverly Hills High School under its Diversity Permits Program.

The Los Angeles City Council and the Los Angeles Fire Department implemented a firm zero tolerance toward hazing and discrimination against African-American firefighters.

The Discovery Channel permanently cancelled the Dog the Bounty Hunter show following racially insensitive remarks.

The Los Angeles Police Department toughened its guidelines on the discipline of officers guilty of use of force violations.

The Justice Department opened an investigation into the rash of hanging nooses on campuses and at work places in Southern California the use force.

The Los Angeles City Council examined the continued eye sore of empty lots in South L.A. abandoned by owners after the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s department to provide better treatment and care for female mentally challenged inmates at L.A. County jails in the wake of the Paris Hilton case.

Led the fight to keep Martin Luther King hospital open and to maintain basic medical treatment care and services at the hospital.

Presented a five point stop the gang violence prevention plan to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that resulted in a commitment to ramp up state spending on job, and skills, education and drug counseling prevention programs.

The Inglewood police and city officials to take more proactive initiatives to improve black and Latino relations in the city following an attack on Latino students.

The Riverside District Attorney increased bail and brought hate crime charges for and against alleged white supremacists charged in the killing of an African-American.

Disney Studios cancelled the world wide release of the racially offensive 1940’s film Song of the South.

Held a Memorial tribute to the Yolanda King, the daughter of Coretta and Martin Luther King, following her transition.

The Los Angeles City Council, Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and the MTA permanently designated December 1 as Rosa Parks Human Rights Day in Los Angeles.

Released a fact sheet on racial disparities in juvenile sentencing in L.A. County and California in the wake of the Jena 6 Case.

Offered a thousand dollar scholarship to a Los Angeles college student in memory of one of the slain student in the shooting massacre at Virginia Tech University.

A week long national listen in campaign to the Don Imus show to insure that Imus did not repeat his racial and gender offensive shock remarks and tactics.

The Los Angeles City Council imposed a moratorium on the expansion of junk food restaurants in South L.A. following reports of the obesity and health hazards these restaurants posed to black and Latino residents in poor communities.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

President Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable

614 E. Manchester Blvd. Suite 204, Inglewood 90301 (310)672-2542

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